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Strategies to lose weight
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Strategies to Lose Weight

On paper, it seems like weight loss should be so simple: Calories in through food; calories out through activity. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in nutrition or exercise science to understand this basic equation—and for some people, weight loss follows this tried-and-true path.

Weight Loss Tips For Everyone

Be mindful.

Many dietitians begin by asking clients to access the organ with the most powerful effect on weight: the brain. Becoming aware of our actual food intake may initially be an uncomfortable surprise but can lead to more mindful eating throughout the day. Mindful eating is encouraged as a general strategy.

Focus on Protein and Fiber.

Aside from it curbs the appetite. Fiber helps stabilize blood sugar and improve gastrointestinal health, important factors that can correlate with healthy weight. Combine good sources of fiber and protein with choices like beans, lentils, and certain grains, such as quinoa and oats.

Get Calorie-Specific

While we can’t control our gender or family background, achieving weight loss may simply be a matter of playing with (but not going too low in) daily calorie levels to find the sweet spo, since, older adults usually require fewer calories to meet their needs—and even fewer calories to lose weight.

Sleep better and work on lowering stress levels.

When the scale won’t budge, dietitians often take the focus off diet and exercise entirely, exploring issues of stress and sleep instead. Both lack of sleep and high cortisol levels are associated with lower levels of leptin, a hormone that is key in energy metabolism, weight, and our hunger signals. Individuals must tackle sleep and stress to succeed in weight loss. Individuals must tackle sleep and stress to succeed in weight loss. It is recommended to practice yoga and meditation in order to decompress. When stress levels are under control, restful sleep tends to follow.

Consider other health factors.

Health conditions (and the medications that treat them) also influence the body’s ability to shed pounds through diet. Certain medications may promote weight gain or adversely react with foods that are normally part of a healthy diet. Some blood thinners, for example, are infamous for requiring patients to limit foods that contain vitamin K—the nutrient found in leafy greens and other vegetables. If you suspect medications or health conditions are hampering your efforts, it’s worth a discussion with your doctor or dietitian.

Avoid sugar and alcohol.

Woman refusing plate of donuts

We suggest you avoid sugary drinks and foods. Sugar is not satisfying and it’s also addictive; after eating it, you will feel hungry quickly and get a craving to eat more sugar very quickly, so it’s best to stay clear. Alcohol is also addictive and high in sugar. Instead, we advise you to drink plenty of fluid every day. This can be in the form of water, tea, coffee, green tea, diet sodas or sugar-free cordial. Include at least seven or eight cups of fluid per day.

Here are key points to keep in mind in order to achieve an effective weight loss journey:

  • Calories are key – as the old saying goes “you can’t out work a bad diet” – if you consume 500 calories less than you use per day for 1 week you will lose 1lb
  • Ensure you get all essential nutrients – your health is vitally important
  • The best diet is the one you can stick to – nothing is perfect, but it can be perfect for you. Paleo is hot right now and fundamentally it’s pretty good, but if you don’t like a lot of meat it’s a terrible diet. 
  • Optimal health goes beyond just nutrition – ensure you get quality sleep, reduce stress and ensure hydration 
  • It will take time – plan in your head this is going to take at least 3 months to lose 1 stone, 6 months to lose 2 stone. There is no quick fix. It’s a marathon not a sprint.
  • Be consistent – you can’t starve yourself for 2 days, then reward yourself by binging. Get into a routine, it will get easier.
  • Consume 500 calories per day less than you need – get to understand calories and the amount each food and drink contain so you can adjust if you need to.
  • Don’t drink empty calories – it’s pointless, so no drinks with sugar, no fizzy drinks, no alcohol, etc. Black tea, coffee, water, etc all good, once you get used to it it’s easy.
  • You may feel tired – but this feeling should pass once your body adjusts.

Above all, the key to effectively lose weight is strong will, discipline, and determination. There are different ways to lose weight fast and some needs the help of certain weight loss medications.


  1. but be very careful when you take in pills. make sure to consult a health care provider first before starting to take one.

    • I agree with you. but I think with TMP, they would give you some advice and recommendations first before you take any of their medications.

  2. sugar is the root of all evil. haha and so is our bad eating habits. we really must be very mindful! nice article!


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